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Concierge Medical Doctors of Orange County

Fred D
Orange County Retired Businessman


Fred D has been a satisfied patient of Dr.
Neimark's for nearly fifteen years and followed Dr. N to his concierge practice in 2005. "I can always count on Dr. Neimark to keep
me healthy and fit and he always has a joke to make me laugh, even when I'm not feeling so good. That's the kind of good bedside manner that I'm looking for in a doctor. But it's more than that. He is always up on the latest advances in medicine and I admire his going back to school in the evenings to get his new certification in functional medicine. He's the kind of doctor who never stops learning to keep his patients healthy and I appreciate that beyond words."

Chuck D
Orange County Retired Businessman


It was only about three years ago when
Chuck was facing tremendous stress at work, neglecting his health and had developed severe progressive diabetes, almost necessitating insulin injections. "With Dr. Neimark's remarkable guidance and help in explaining what was happening to me and educating me about the risks, I followed his advice, cut back on unnecessary activities, began eating well again and exercising and now I am completely free of any diabetes at all. I can't imagine a finer doctor than Dr. N. I am forever grateful to him for guiding me back to health. I feel better than ever."

Chris S
Orange County High School Math Teacher


Chris (left) has been a long term patient of Dr.
Neimark's, pictured here with his son Zack (middle) and Dr. Neimark (right). "I've been a concierge patient of Dr. Neimark's since he switched to concierge in 2005. The Doc is always there for me, even on weekends when I get sick, I just give him a call and am usually better by Monday, in time for school! That's invaluable."

Pam S
Orange County Business Woman


Pam S (left) has been a patient of Dr. N's for
nearly ten years and just loves his concierge practice. When she lost her husband Larry to cancer a few years ago, Dr. N was able to be there to give them both the extra care, medical attention and emotinal support they needed. "Dr. N is a very special doctor and friend who I trust. Whenever I need something, he is there for me and my family. I travel alot and he even spoke to the doctor in Jerusalem when I fell and hurt my leg on a trip to Israel. I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism, warmth, sense of humor and expertise."




What Our Patients Are Saying
Orange County Concierge Medical Care: Personalized Medical Care and Prevention

At mdPersonal Concierge Family Medicine, we strive to provide our patients with the very best in medical care, combined with compassion and first-class service. Hear what some of your very own Orange County neighbors have to say about having a concierge doctor caring for their medical needs.

Brian & Joyce
O.C. Real Estate Professionals


Brian and Joyce have been patients
of Dr. Neimark's for over 15 years and love the care and attention that he gives them. "Dr. Neimark is the doctor we trust to help us with all our medical problems. We love his ability to diagnose our problems thoroughly and the way he includes us and educates us about all our treatment options. We couldn't be happier with his care."


Mrs. Vu
Orange County Homemaker


Mrs. Vu has been a patient of
Dr. Neimark's for the last 12 years. When her friends ask her why she is so happy all the time, she says, "Because I have such a great doctor. I am so lucky." Really, it's Dr. Neimark that feels so lucky to have such wonderful patients to care for and help.

David J
Orange County Attorney


As a busy successful attorney, David
is always on the go. He just moved his office to a brand new location and is expanding his practice in business litigation. When he's down for the count, he doesn't have time to be off of work, so he rely's on Dr. Neimark's 24/7 cell phone availability to handle his medical problems so he can get back to good health as quickly as possible - and get back to work!


Rick H
Orange County' Investment Advisor


Dr. Neil Neimark (left) detected early cancer in patient Rick Haugen (right), an investment advisor who made a great investment in Dr. Neimark's attentive concierge care, which he credits with his now being cancer free.

By: Natalia Cortes-Chaffin

IRVINE, CA: When Rick Haugen called Dr. Neil Neimark, his concierge physician for the last five years, to schedule his annual physical, he expected everything to go routine. Dr. Neimark performed the recommended tests, including a PSA screening test for prostate cancer and all the lab results came back within normal limits.

Under another physician's care, perhaps a doctor whose busy practice sees thousands of patients, Mr. Haugen's normal results might not have raised a red flag or signaled anything out of the ordinary. Normal results in a normal practice are taken at face value. Mr. Haugen would have happily gone on about his day, comforted that his annual physical, once again, returned a clean bill of health.

Yet a concierge practice is not a normal practice. Though Mr. Haugen's results were, in fact, within normal limits, they were not exactly normal. So when Dr. Neimark reviewed Mr. Haugen's normal PSA level, he took the extra step--as he always does--of comparing his level with the previous year's result. Turned out, Mr. Haugen's PSA level had increased significantly. The PSA level was still considered normal, but the PSA velocity (the change in PSA from year to year) was not. Dr. Neimark promptly sent Mr. Haugen to a urologist who diagnosed early stage prostate cancer, and the malignant cells were successfully removed.

Small detail. Enormous consequences.

"The PSA velocity is not something every doctor thinks to look at," Dr. Neimark said. "I have the luxury of being able to give my patients a high level of attention."

This attentiveness is exactly why Mr. Haugen chose Dr. Neimark as a concierge doctor for him and his family. He finds the level of care and twenty-four seven availability a concierge doctor provides to be of great value.

As a concierge physician, Dr. Neimark is able to focus on a more manageable number of patients. He gets to know them. He gets to understand their bodies.

"The PSA velocity is not something every doctor thinks to look at," Dr. Neimark said. "I have the luxury of being able to give my patients a high level of attention."

"With a reduced patient load, Dr. Neimark has the ability to know our family. For our family, in their growing years, that is a particular advantage," Mr. Haugen said.

While concierge medicine does come with a price tag, the added value of having a doctor literally on call to answer your questions every day of the week is invaluable. Dr. Neimark's patients are all given his cell number, and can expect their calls to be promptly returned.

"We see concierge medicine as an investment," Mr. Haugen said. "And we don't try to minimize our investment in healthcare."

So far, it's been a wise decision to go with Dr. Neimark. Mr. Haugen's investment has paid off in cancer-free dividends.


Ron & Shirley
Orange County Retired Couple


Patient Shirley Comer (left) and husband Ron Comer (right) say Dr. Neimark's 24/7 availability and expertise brings them great comfort in their retired years.

By: Natalia Cortes-Chaffin

IRVINE, CA: Shirley and Ron Comer are typical retirees with a zest for life, a zest that takes them to far off places. Ensuring their bodies keep up with their spirits is very important, as is knowing they're getting continuity of care regardless of whether they're at home or away exploring natural wonders.

Though Shirley remains fairly healthy, Ron does have a few chronic problems. Unfortunately, health issues rarely wait until one gets home from vacation. And, unfortunately, a typical practitioner is not likely to assist you over the phone while you're away on vacation. However, Ron's doctor is not a typical physician.

Dr. Neimark's concierge practice is predicated on him being available to his patients 24/7. So when Ron started feeling like he was falling over while he and Shirley were vacationing in the Las Vegas desert, they knew just what to do. They called Dr. Neimark, their concierge doctor for the last five years.

The dizziness was pretty bad. Dr. Neimark's first concern was analyzing whether or not Ron was about to suffer a stroke. It was critical Dr. Neimark determine the severity of the situation quickly. All he had to work with was a phone and Shirley, but that's all he needed.

Dr. Neimark explained to Shirley what to look for. He asked questions and she observed. In all, Dr. Neimark spent about twenty minutes remotely assessing Ron, and he was able to determine that the situation was not life threatening, much to the relief of Ron and Shirley. Turned out, Ron was experiencing a case of labyrinthitis with vertigo.

"At this time in my life, it means the world to me to know I have a skilled and compassionate physician like Dr. Neimark to care for me," Ron Comer said.

In less time than it would have taken the couple to call an ambulance or get to an urgent care facility, Dr. Neimark was able to shed light on the situation.

"The biggest challenge of my job is quickly determing the gravity of a situation when a patient calls," said Dr. Neimark. "Because I have such familiarity with Ron, I knew exactly what to ask."

Ron and Shirley find great comfort in having a concierge physician like Dr. Neimark. Knowing they can call him directly day or night from wherever they are gives them the confidence and freedom to continue traveling and enjoying life.

"At this time in my life, it means the world to me to know I have a skilled and compassionate physician like Dr. Neimark to care for me," Ron Comer said.

Shirley and Ron also appreciate that Dr. Neimark is continually researching and learning about new treatments to help his patients. Every facet of his practice is dedicated to enhancing the lives of his patients.

"Everything he does is for our benefit," Shirley said. "You can't get that anywhere else."

After all the advantages and good health they've enjoyed by choosing concierge medicine, Shirley and Ron are loyal fans of Dr Neimark's very personal care.


Fred H
Orange County Accountant


Patient Fred Holder, Certified Public Accountant (above) had the numbers right when he called Dr. Neil Neimark (left) who saved his life with a single phone call.

By: Natalia Cortes-Chaffin

IRVINE, CA: It's a funny thing, back pain. Most of us associate it with muscle strain or a misalignment. Nothing serious, of course. Nothing that might require prompt medical attention.

So when Fred Holder started experiencing back pain that shot up through his shoulder blades, he didn't call Dr. Neimark, the doctor he's known for 21 years. He called his chiropractor. Many of us would have done the same.

Unfortunately, Mr. Holder's pain continued for a couple of weeks despite chiropractic treatments. When his chiropractor suggested muscle relaxers might help, Mr. Holder phoned his concierge physician, Dr. Neimark, for a prescription. Fortunately, that call made all the difference.

After Mr. Holder described his symptoms, Dr. Neimark quickly realized the back pain had nothing to do with Mr. Holder's back. He told him to get to an ER right away. The diagnosis--a severe gallbladder infection that could have ended Mr. Holder's life within days--came just in the nick of time. Mr. Holder's gallbladder was removed the next day.

"I am the perfect example of why people need a doctor who's always available 24/7," said Mr. Holder. "And Dr. Neimark has a unique instinct for determining when something is urgent."

""When you know your patients, you know when something is off," Dr. Neimark said.

Mr. Holder was shocked at the diagnosis, but not at the fact that Dr. Neimark saved his life. He firmly believes in his physician's abilities and the concierge medicine model.

"In a traditional practice where you have to wait two weeks for an appointment, I would have died," Mr. Holder said.

In fact, all of Dr. Neimark's patients have access to him seven days of week. They are given his direct cell number and all calls are promptly returned. Because he carries a smaller patient load than a typical practice, he's able to know all his patients and better detect what might be wrong.

"I am the perfect example of why people need a doctor who's always available 24/7," said Mr. Holder. "And Dr. Neimark has a unique instinct for determining when something is urgent."

One thing's for sure, because of Dr. Neimark's instinct, Mr. Holder can look forward to many more happy years.